Pamir Halimzai Sahill

Adjunct Lecturer, School of International Relations & Diplomacy

I am Anglo-American University alumnus currently PhD candidate at Jan Masaryk Centre for International Studies, University of Economics, Prague where I teach various International Relations’ courses.

My doctoral research focuses on the discourses of US-led international state-building in Afghanistan. In the dissertation I am working on developing a Foucauldian-inspired concept of ‘politics and spaces/structures of confinement’ to offer a contextual and critical understanding of international engagement in post-2001 Afghanistan.

My current research interests revolve around theoretically and empirically exploring the notions and discourses of international (in)security, terrorism, post-conflict state-building, developmentalism (as an ideology nudging the traditional frames of the left and right), state, sovereignty and identities-borders-orders (IBO).


International Security, Terrorism Studies, (Critical) Discourse Analysis, State-building Theory and Practice, Post-colonialism and Developmentalism, Identities-Borders-Orders (IBO), Afghanistan, South Asian Politics and Security, Middle East and North Africa (MENA)