Are you deciding what university might be right for you and are you considering AAU? We can offer you education in English in an international environment with students from over 70 countries, all at a school with top American accreditation.

We have prepared a special Open House event for you for the afternoon of  April 27th from 3:00 PM where you can come attend an open guest lecture by renowned experimental economist Dr. Bart Wilson from Chapman University.

Dr. Bart Wilson is an experimental economist. He currently holds the Donald P. Kennedy Endowed Chair of Economics and Law in the Chapman University, Argyros School of Business and Economics. His work has been widely published in both the popular and academic press. Bart Wilson is a close associate of and co-author with Vernon Smith, a Nobelist in economics. His interesting and enthusiastic lectures on economics and secondary school students arouses their interest in this field of study.


The lecture will answer following questions:

What makes us rich people?
What makes us good people?
What do these two questions have in common?

Dr. Wilson calls his new approach in which he attempts to bridge the gap between economics and the humanities “humanomics.”

After the lecture, you will have the opportunity to ask University representatives any further questions you may have about studying at AAU.

If you are interested in a more information-based Open House event with workshops held by individual Schools of Study, we invite you to attend our June 16th Open House.

The capacity of our Open House events is limited so register in time by sending an email to

We look forward to seeing you there!