Starting today you may purchase this trendy AAU canvas bag in Café des Taxis!

At AAU, we are a community devoted to being ethically conscious and socially responsible. This is reflected in many of our initiatives, including our AAU canvas tote bag! We would therefore like to take a moment to thank the hardworking women from Český západ.

About Český západ

Founded in 2001 Český západ is a non-profit organization that aims to alleviate social exclusion in the Karlovy Vary Region and to increase the capacity of the population living in socially excluded localities to succeed in the majority society through work and retraining workshops.

“Our goal is to build a civil society, which is characterized by citizens' interest in dealing with public affairs, and where everyone has the same rights and access to services.”

The organization helps to solve difficult life situations, especially in the areas of employment, education, housing. Český západ also seeks to counteract the manifestations of racial intolerance and xenophobia towards marginalized or minority populations, like the Roma living in the region.


Publication date: November 06, 2017