David Langwallner, an AAU lecturer, has co-written with Ben Harper a new opinion on "Neoliberalism Cloaked as Modernity", published in Village Magazine.

Ireland should brace for market worship dressed up as equality of opportunity and favouring those who get up early.

Leo Varadkar consistently asserts that he does not believe in equality of outcome but in equality of opportunity. He sees himself as “right” or “either centre right or a higher class of liberal… somebody who believes in personal freedom, someone who believes in a political economy and in a free market as the best way to create wealth”.

He wants to lead a party, and we infer a country, for “people who get up early in the morning”.

His highest-profile initiative came in late April, when as Minister for Social Protection he launched the fractious ‘Welfare Cheats Cheat Us All’ advertising and online campaign. It aims to encourage the reporting of suspected fraud to the Department of Social Protection anonymously.

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Publication date: July 04, 2017