You are cordially invited to join the next MBA event on Thursday, April 20th at 18:00 to hear the unbelievably talented Rostya Gordon-Smith. Anglo-American University’s School of Business Administration is hosting an event organized by Lídrá

Join this inspirational evening with Rostya Gordon-Smith who is the founder of the first integrated association of talented Czech female professionals, Minerva21, and the author of the book Making Your Footprint in the Market (“Úspěšně s kůží na trh”) offering best practices for taking control of your personal brand.

Attention: The lecture will be conducted in the Czech language!

About the lecturer: Rostya studied Human Resource Management at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management (Sydney). She has more than 20 years of global experience in HRM, acquired in Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, UK, Brazil, Czech Republic, Estonia, Russia, India, Middle East and other CEE countries. Rostya has practical experience in corporate culture development, process implementation, and management and leadership development. She is the founder of People Impact, s.r.o., an HR consulting company, which offers training and human resource management strategies in brand development, diversity and equality, and leadership with emotional intelligence. In 2001, Rostya was named among the top fifty HR world leaders.

Rostya Gordon-Smith will answer the following and similar questions, and discuss daily examples and challenges.

  • How do you run a business or work in a foreign country?
  • Is it more difficult for women to build their careers in comparison to men?
  • What is the main purpose of Minerva21? Why is it a bit controversial?

You may find more details about the event (in Czech) at . It is possible to register for the event via Facebook or at 

The MBA Open Lecture will take place at Anglo-American University, Letenská 5, in room 2.07. Light refreshments will be provided. We look forward to seeing you all.