Join us for a lecture/discussion with one of the most inspirational Czech women, Radka Dohnalová, who is the Founder & Managing Partner; Co-author of Authentic Leadership concept of ATAIRU.

Attention: The lecture will be conducted in the Czech language!

About the topic: Radka will answer the following and similar questions, and discuss daily examples and challenges.

- Is it possible to transform a corporation in the way that its employees work with an excitement?

- How to change daily stereotypes so that we can enjoy the work and be happy!

- How should an educational system in the future look like? 

- Is it possible to combine working in a prestigious company with MBA studies and a two-child family?

About the lecturer: Radka is an entrepreneur committed to transforming society through authentic leadership, an acclaimed author of leadership programs, video series Leadership Games and co-author of McKinsey’s pro bono study “Unlocking the Full Potential of Women in Czech Business”. As mentioned, Radka is the Founder & Managing Partner of ATAIRU, an international leadership development organization focusing on maximizing value creation through collaboration. Radka has worked with more than 500 leaders and 50 organizations in Europe and Japan. Before Radka established ATAIRU, Radka held many prestigious positions in international business, i.e. McKinsey & Company and World Food Program UN.

We recommend this event to:
 – Marketing managers and specialists 
 – Business / Sales managers 
 – Business owners 
 – Brand developers 
 – Strategic marketers

You may find more details about the event (in Czech) at . It is possible to register for the event via Facebook or at 

The MBA Open Lecture will take place at Anglo-American University, Letenská 5, in room 2.07. 

Light refreshments will be provided. We look forward to seeing you all!