“For too long, leadership has created war zones of separateness in business organizations. Now comes a refreshing alternative: ‘fusion leadership,’ which capitalizes on the superior energy of pulling together.” Terrence E. Deal, coauthor of Leading with Soul and Corporate Celebration

The fourth MBA Open lecture is here! On Wednesday June 8th at 18:00, the Anglo-American University’s School of Business Administration invites all who are interested in the topic of Fusion Leadership for the lecture with Dr. Ray Smith. Dr. Smith is our senior lecturer of MBA course Leadership and Corporate Governance. Professor Smith has a long teaching experience. Currently, he also teaches the MBA Program at Belhaven University in the U.S., Mykolas Romeris University in Vilnius, Lithuania and other Universities worldwide. Dr. Smith is the real expert in the topic of leadership.

As highlighted in the above mentioned citation, ‘Fusion Leadership’ offers a striking new metaphor for managing and leading organizations-based on the principle of fusion rather than fission. Fission represents a process to divide while fusion seeks to bring forces together.  In his lecture, Dr. Smith will explain how the principles of mindfulness, heart, courage, integrity, communication and vision help to create stronger organization structures.  Practicing these principles produces people who sacrifice self-interest for the good of the team and the organization. Fusion leaders are those who engage not only the bodies and minds of their employees, but also their hearts and souls. In the A+Q part of the session, Dr. Smith will lead a discussion of this new way of viewing leadership principles to enhance organizational performance and outcomes.


The MBA Open lecture will take place at Anglo-American University, Letenská 5 in room n. 2.07. Light refreshments will be provided. We look forward to seeing you all.