On Tuesday, August 14th, Anglo-American University’s School of Business Administration invites all those interested to the next MBA Open lecture; “Harnessing Tech & Data to Optimize Strategy & Shareholder Value”. The topic will be addressed by Chapman University’s MBA professor on Strategic Management Mr. Mario F. Leone MBA.

About the topic: The commerce landscape progressively demands more new age managers to have a sound understanding of technology as a lever to drive successful business strategies. Mr. Leone instills these ideas, and highlights the importance of integrating information technology in all facets of business strategy; from customer facing, supply chain, manufacturing to warehouse management. 

About the lecturer: Mr. Mario F. Leone MBA holds Board level positions at several California based digital and science technology companies while working alongside private equities on the business assessment of new investment opportunities. He achieved his experiences through working his way up to senior and executive roles at large, multinational firms such as Union Carbide, Polimeri Europa, Dow Chemical, FIAT, Federal Mogul and Ingram Micro. 

The lecture will focus on:

  • Leveraging digital channels to open new markets and business opportunities
  • Stimulating business innovation through new technology partnerships
  • Business analytics that maximize customer relationships
  • Supply Chain Execution (SCE) opportunities to optimize cash flow. Through real world transformational examples “lived”, he will engage participants in critical thinking and encourage strategic insight to be better than the giants at addressing problems and more agile than local competitors in delivering value.  

We recommend this event to:

  • Top management 
  • Business owners
  • Marketing managers 
  • Managers responsible for innovations and new product development

This MBA Open Lecture will take place at Anglo-American University, Letenská 5 in room 2.07. Light refreshments will be provided. Please register via Facebook or e-mail mba@aauni.edu. We look forward to seeing you.