Mark your calendars for Wednesday, August 2nd, at 18:00. Anglo-American University’s School of Business Administration would like to invite AAU students, teachers, alumni and supporters for the next MBA Open Lecture on the topic of “Content Revenge. What Makes Digital Worthy.” with Giambattista Marchetto, MA.

About the topic: Marketing managers have shifted efforts online because it is significantly less expensive, and in some cases online advertising space is even free. It is necessary to develop a brand’s digital footprint to improve digital awareness, including defining a profile with precise identity, identifying and following influencers pertinent to the brand, and creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy including reporting. Positioning is focused on content, so it is also necessary to integrate media and social media content development, e-publishing, video production, and infographics into the mix.

We are going to discuss the following topics:

  • What has changed from the traditional marketing strategies approaches?
  • How do you target your clients in B2C and B2B markets?
  • What does content management mean on a strategic level?
  • How can you engage your target?
  • What are the recent trends in digital marketing?

About the lecturer: Marchetto has been working as a freelance journalist for almost 25 years, publishing in Italian newspapers and magazines on finance and economics, theatre & dance, travel, and food & wine. Over his 20 years of experience as a comms and marketing consultant in Europe – mainly through his company Charta Bureau, based in Prague and in Venice – he has worked with public institutions, corporations, SMEs, theatres and artists, and NGOs. Over the last 10 years he has focused on digital strategies for comms and marketing and also on teaching and training in Italy and the Czech Republic. Marchetto has extensive experience in the field of digital marketing strategies, comms, and publishing.

We recommend this event to:
– Students interested in our MBA program
– Marketing managers and specialists 
– Business / sales managers 
– Business owners 
– Brand developers 
– Strategic marketers

The MBA Open Lecture will take place at Anglo-American University, Letenská 5, in room 2.07. Light refreshments will be provided. Please register via Facebook or e-mail at [email protected]We look forward to seeing you all!