Lilliana Chalfant, B.A.

Content Specialist

Originally from Rye, New Hampshire Lilliana graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communications Electronic Media and a minor in Marketing from High Point University in North Carolina. During her time at High Point University, she was a member of the Media Fellows Program where she had the opportunity to travel internationally creating content. Since graduating Lilliana earned her TEFL certification and spent about 1 year abroad freelancing as a photographer and video producer. She is extremely happy to be back in the field of international education working within AAU's marketing department responsible for all social media messaging and content, written and visual.

In her spare time, Lilliana loves live music and traveling. After work, you can find her riding her bike alongside the Vltava, drinking ice coffee at Cafe Des Taxis or playing with her new kitten. Stop by the marketing office and say hello! (Or leave a comment on Instagram she might respond faster!)