Dear AAU community,

In the light of this week's events we would like to share with you an official statement from our president, Mr. Petr Jan Pajas, on the current issues related to the published article on portal. 

Please see the letter here.

Překlad dopisu zde.

Publication date: July 20, 2018


Dear AAU community,

We would like to provide you with an update in regards to the article published by A2larm. 

In connection with the’s two articles published in July regarding sexual harassment at AAU, there was an official complaint filed by a third party to WSCUC, the American academic accrediting agency which accredits AAU. The agency reviewed the case and found evidence of a structured and rigorous process for addressing complaints related to sexual harassment and misconduct, and on August 10th 2018 concluded that there is no violation of WSCUC’s standards. See the quotation of the representative of WSCUC.

We quote from the statement of Lori Williams, PhD., WSCUC Vice President:

After a complete reading of your materials, and the responses that were provided by the institution in the context of the university following its complaint procedures, I conclude that there is no violation of Commission Standards, and thus your complaint has been closed. Your complaint materials will be maintained in the permanent records of the Commission.“

As a next step, AAU came to the decision to not only revise the existing procedures but reactivate the previously established task force to support sexual harassment prevention within the AAU community. AAU is therefore calling upon all AAU students, alumni, staff and faculty to be part of the Task Force for Harassment Prevention, Response and Solutions to collectively review all aspects of AAU’s harassment and sexual misconduct policy and procedures and then to design and implement any necessary changes to ensure that our community is fully up to the highest standards.

Publication date: August 10, 2018