Beginning in Fall 2020, AAU will begin fully teaching the University of London LL.M. Programme., offering specialisations in International Dispute Resolution and International Business Law. LL.M. classes will primarily be held during one to two weekends per month, making it possible for students to focus upon the area of their particular interest, while also arranging their studies around their work and home commitments.

The University of London has more than 54,000 students worldwide studying one of more than a hundred different degree, diploma and certificate programmes. Former students and alumni include seven Nobel Prize winners, leaders of Commonwealth countries, government ministers, renowned authors, judges, and business leaders.

The LL.M. programme at AAU will allow enable students to specialize in International Dispute Resolution and International Business Law, or to obtain a general postgraduate law degree. While AAU will focus on the specialisations of International Dispute Resolution and International Business Law, due to the flexible nature of the University of London Postgraduate Laws programmes, it may be possible for students to earn alternative specialisations, such as Law and Development.

The LLM class schedule differs from the typical undergraduate structure and is designed with career students in mind, making it possible to focus upon a particular area of interest, while also arranging studies around work and home commitments.


Courses at Anglo-American University are taught by highly-qualified instructors with Master’s and Doctorate degrees in law, primarily from common law jurisdictions. Furthermore, as many instructors are adjunct instructors, they also have extensive professional legal experience. Courses are led by instructors with intensive facilitated discussions with students. Furthermore, throughout the course, students have written assignments and mock examinations, in which they are provided with detailed feedback from their instructors. 

Examinations are then administered and graded by the University of London and students sit for the examinations at the British Council in Prague. As such, the final diploma for the LLM is awarded by the University of London. 

Both AAU and UOL are able to provide information and confirmation of study regarding the program to prospective employers, postgraduate program applications, and application to Bar and professional legal examiners.


Students take four courses during their span of LL.M. studies, which can be completed in as little as one year or up to five years.  The LL.M. has assessments twice per year. Each of the four courses is divided into four modules (16 modules total) with each module having a 45-minute written examination. There are no oral exams or dissertation. Students may study the entire course, all four modules, at once or a few modules at a time.

  • 4 courses in total

  • Classes are held 1–2 weekends per month

  • Can be completed in 1–5 years

Interested students can also take a 2 weekend introductory seminar about core contents of the LL.M., prior to the start of the programme, from which they can continue with both specialisations. 


The UofL administers all official exams for the LLM program.

For general information about the exams click HERE. 

For a schedule of upcoming exams click HERE. 

To find the location of a testing via the British Council Prague click HERE. 


The LL.M. programme is open to students who have already obtained a first degree; a legal education is not a requirement for study. To apply for admission, prospective students should have an undergraduate degree, it need not be law, and meet the English language requirements. Upon registration with the University of London students will be provided with course specific study guides, reading materials, access to valuable legal databases and other library resources, and an on-line forum for each course. 

More information about scheduling and tuition will be coming soon!