The Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law (CertHE Common Law) offers an alternative entry to the study of law. Students successfully completing this award are able to progress directly on to the second year of the LLB degree.

The Certificate of Higher Education, CertHE, is ideal for first-time university students and for those who wish to undertake legal studies at a slower pace while building a stronger foundation for their LLB courses. Students whose school-leaving education is not equivalent to British A-Level may start their legal studies with the CertHE.

The Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law, offered as a two year programme by AAU, combines the first year of the LLB with locally designed law courses and general education.  The totality of the programme is designed to support laws studies at a slower pace while developing language and writing skills and expanding intellectual development in arenas that will lay a stronger foundation for future LLB courses and graduation.

Those interested in enrolling on the Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law need not apply to the University of London; they must submit their application directly to AAU. While, like the LLB, this programme requires dual enrolment, AAU is the institution that will evaluate the application and make an admissions decision. Applicants must undertake an admissions test, possess a school leaving certificate, meet the established language standards (IELTS 5.5), and undergo two admission interviews. In order to ensure processing prior to the start of studies students are advised to submit their application no later than the end of August for timely processing if a visa is not required, by mid-June if a visa is required. 

obrázekI'm studying UK law taught by professors who know my name and genuinely care about me, with students from Montenegro, Tunisia, South Africa, and so on. I'm working a legal internship with an AAU alumni that has given me incredible experience and unique opportunities. All this against the magical backdrop that is the City of a Hundred Spires. What more could I ask for?
Hanna Ripper , Law student, musician, Student of the Year 2016