“The idea for a modern university is not that we exist in this theoretical bubble without practice,” said James Heller, Law Instructor at Anglo-American University and Clinical Director of the AAU Launchpad project. “Students will benefit from rolling up their sleeves and applying the laws they learned to real-world matters.”

This semester, the AAU Launchpad starts providing startups, entrepreneurs, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME's) legal advice and consulting on a pro bono basis.

The idea is to create an ecosystem of innovation beyond the university campus: SME’s benefit from students’ talent while students gain experience and insights into small, innovative businesses. 

obrázek “The goal is to empower Czech startups and SME’s with legal strategies and protection.  This will enable them to launch their business across borders and jurisdictions to offer their services and/or products,” Launchpad Clinical Director and law instructor James Heller says. 

obrázek Law student Michelle Delacruz participates in the Launchpad, which she considers as a practical internship that law students should take if they are serious with their degree. 

Besides school, Michelle, who is from the Phillippines, also has a job at ExxonMobil in Procurement for their Upstream project, but she’s excited for the Launchpad because she wants to exercise the legal profession.

“If you want to practice, you want to learn, you have to get involved,” says Michelle. “Maybe sacrifice some free time for a worthy cause!”

Launchpad will also be beneficial for students who are interested in launching their own startups. The project helps them get in touch with SME’s, gain insights, make connections, learn from their challenges and prepare for the legal issues that a new business would likely encounter. 

For more information regarding the Launchpad project, contact [email protected]. Or visit its website at https://www.aace.aauni.edu/startuplaunchpad

obrázek Launchpad is operated under the John H. Carey II School of Law, within AAU’s Legal Institute for Anglo American-Central European Business Law (AACE Institute), which aspires to foster multinational,transsystemic business development, especially amongst startups and entrepreneurs.


Upcoming Event Details Below:

Halloween, Trick-or-Treating with Launchpad

Time: 14:15 on Wednesday 31 (Halloween)

Place: The AAU Courtyard, in front of the Cafe de Taxis

Treats: There will be tricks and treats waiting for you with some sweet surprises.

Prize: Launchpad will provide a prize and an award for the most enthusiastic.

Getting Involved: Get to know our goals, upcoming projects and how you can participate.

We all are looking forward to celebrating Halloween with you!

Publication date: October 30, 2018