Kristina Soukupová, Ph.D.

Adjunct Lecturer, School of International Relations & Diplomacy

Kristina Soukupova, BA, MA, PhD is a long time defence consultant operating at the highest levels with the government and military, across multiple countries, especially in the UK, Switzerland, Czech Republic and the US. Her primary area of expertise is advising major international corporate and government clients on defense and security matters, procurement as well as corporate strategies and their implementation. Among other things, Kristina co-authored the most recent White Paper on Defence (2010) in the Czech Republic. She also lectures as a visiting professor at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA for the Office of the Secretary of Defence, US. This includes lecturing on defence transformation in Central and Eastern European countries to the decision makers of these countries as she possess intimate knowledge of the regional defence cultural environment. Furthermore she works with NATO ACT (Allied Command Transformation) Innovation Hub on ‘Alternative C2’ (Command and Control) and lectures in a NATO-wide online course about the Security Risks and Social Media for military. She has designed, arranged and currently teaches the first and the only course in the world, where NATO ACT collaborates with a civilian university to educate students on NATO-relates issues.

Kristina is also an enthusiastic researcher and academic with a PhD degree from the Department of War Studies, King’s College London, a department, which has been rated among the three best in the world. Kristina’s research is focused at the currently most pressing issues in the defense and security sectors – technology enabled defence/security sector transformation and the impact it has on organizational structures, reconciliation of operational requirements, interoperability, procurement mechanisms and defense industrial base transformation.