Welcome to the third John H. Carey II School of Law roundtable discussion.

We will examine the future of fashion from an various of angles with a panel of experts discussing different aspects of the fashion industry, such as:

  • the decline of high street fashion, 
  • the eco-fashion movement, human rights and social impacts, 
  • fashion photography,
  • the importance of communication and strategy in the digital era,

Confirmed speakers are:

  • Eugenio Bramerini (designer and owner of The Address Idea) – Decline of high street fashion and related issues
  • Charlie Lamento (AAU Lecturer and director of Lamento Advocated) – Human Trafficking and the Eco-Fashion Movement
  • Mauro Fardin (fashion photographer)- fashion communication through photography
  • Vera  Artemyeva (founder of Wearme.fashion); fashion's role in sustainability 
  • Max Lannucci (founder of Max Magazine); fashion media publishing sector and actual trends

All those interested in this topic are welcome to attend!