Prof. PhDr. Jindřich Kabát

Adjunct Lecturer, School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Jindřich Kabát (born 24 April 1953 in Prague) is a Czech psychologist, professor and politician. He held the office of Czech Minister of Culture from 1992 to 1994.


Social psychology and Psychopathology, Psychological Theory

courses taught

Psychology of Totalitarianism, Psychopathology of Art, Social Psychology, Introduction to Psychology /and Psychopathology/

publications & other activities

  • Kabat, J., Pokorna, D.: Art preferences of young people, Prague 1982
  • Cejp, M., Kabat, J.: Prognosis of the Development of Culture
  • Kabat, J.: Psychology at the Research of Culture, Prague 1979
  • Kabat, J.: Psychology of Communism,Prague 2011
  • Kabat, J.: Groh, Prague, 2013
  • Kabat, J.: Útěk: I. Až na samé hranici,
  • Kabat, J.: Útěk: II.Pád listu",Triton, Prague, 2014
  • Modern Czech Visual Art, opening, London 1993
  • Czech Visual Art Exposition in Paris, Paris 1993
  • Modern Czech Art, Wien 1992