Jan Hebnar

Lecturer, School of Business Administration

Jan Hebnar started his career with the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade. He soon became the Director of EU Market Department. In 2009, Jan was transferred to Czech Embassy in China with the mission to defreeze the Czech China trade relation, which by then was much damaged by the two governments’ disagreement on Tibetan issues.

Working as the Deputy Head of Commercial Section of the Embassy, Jan focused on bringing small to mid-scale Czech business to China and vice versa. With the ambition to dive deep into Chinese business world, Jan came back to China in 2013 as the Managing Director of a well-established European engineering group to lead its business presence in Greater China area.

In his spare time, Jan continues his passion in opening doors for small western business to Chinese market through his own consulting firm Sinovia and occasionally lectures in well-established economic universities on various topics concerning doing business in Asia.

courses taught

Doing Business in China