Mgr. Irena Valešová

Recruitment Director

Irena is a caffeine-dependent life form responsible for recruiting international students through recruiting companies. Only with a full cup of coffee is she able to start her negotiation with recruiters from around the world and help possible applicants and future students find their way to AAU.

Irena is always happy to cooperate with recruiters who care for student success and well-being. The best forms of advertising, according to Irena, are the word of mouth and a positive experience. Irena has been working at AAU since February 14th, 2013. She started as an Admissions Specialist and has good knowledge the admissions procedure. Irena still educates herself in visa issues and she is passionate about PivotTables and SalesForce.

During her free time, you might find her trying to break her bones while mountain biking.

Feel free to stop by her office during working hours. She is guaranteed to be in a good mood unless she hasn't yet had a chance to finish her cup of coffee.