On March 26th the Advanced Research Methods class (POS 509) lead by Senior Lecturer Pelin Ayan Musil, PhD visited the OSCE Documentation Center in Prague.

The aim of the visit was to get the School of International Relations students' familiar with the available public resources of the OSCE as well as to learn the nature of the historical documents that are protected and archived by the documentation center, which could potentially be of help for students' research projects as well as for their future MA theses.

Welcomed by Ms. Irena Krasnicka, the head of the OSCE Documentation Center, the students listened to the presentation by Ms. Sonja Kujansuu, the archives assistant, who initially gave an introduction to the mission and vision of the OSCE as well as its organizational structure. Presenting then the functions of the Documentation Center in Prague, she showed the students various types of accessible documents that OSCE publicly shares on its website and the means of accessing them. Then, Ms. Alice Nemcova, the senior documentation and information assistant, provided more detailed aspects of the historical documents (dating back to 1972) that are available for authorized researchers.

obrázekPhoto by: OSCE/David Bednar

The students learned more about the conditions of the researcher-in-residence program. An important bit of information given that the students who are in the stage of writing an MA thesis are eligible for applying to this program so that they can access the original documents which relate to the scope of their thesis.

Following a Q/A session with Ms. Kujansuu, Ms Nemcova and Ms. Krasnicka, the students then had the opportunity to pick up many informational brochures and publications of the institution, including copies of an oral history book, CSCE Testimonies: The Causes and Consequences of the Helsinki Act: 1972–1989 (2013), edited by Ms Alice Nemcova. A copy of the book is also donated to the AAU library.

Publication date: April 05, 2019