Have you ever wondered how evidence (blood, fluids, bullets and more) are actually collected at a crime scene? Instructor James Hill's new 3-day intensive course (LEG 199) will tell you.

The John H. Carey School of Law is offering a very exciting new intensive course that will aim to answer questions like:

How is Forensic Psychology used to interview witnesses and suspects? What techniques are used in criminal profiling? How are people wrongfully convicted and how are some cases overturned even years later?

Instructor: James Hill 
Dates: November 2–4 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), 9 AM-4 PM
Price: For AAU students-10,000 CZK (2 credits) for other interested participants- 5,000 CZK (without credit)

More on the course:

The course will focus on helping students understand the various types of Forensic evidence that can be used in a courtroom to either convict or acquit a defendant. This requires a close examination of a crime scene and how evidence at the crime scene can be collected, preserved and ultimately used in court. Additionally, students will receive information on various aspects of Forensic Psychology such as memory, interviewing witnesses and victims, interrogation of suspects, criminal profiling, and what happens when this information is improperly utilized. Actual case scenarios will be used. 

About the Instructor:

Mr. Hill teaches forensic psychology and law. He is a specialist in forensic psychology with long-term experience working in crimes against children. He was a child protective services (CPS) social worker and family therapist in the states of Washington and New Mexico, USA and has worked closely with the court system and police for nearly 20 years. 

How to Register: Please contact your given academic dean or email [email protected] for more information. 

Publication date: October 17, 2018