This year, AAU’s International Experience Project (IEP) adventured to Cape Town, South Africa, from June 18th to July 18th, to learn about the city’s social, political and economic challenges.

The group of 9 students were under the leadership of Project Leader, Robert Warren, and Project Coordinator, Elizabeth Novacek. Unlike previous missions which were centered around working and volunteering with one NGO, this year’s project widened its lens to engage with a spectrum of stakeholders in an effort to understand their perspectives and contributions to overcoming the city’s issues. Students recorded their experience via an Instagram channel and also published various forms of articles on the project’s website to share their learnings and exercise their communication skills. 

IEP Cape Town Website | IEP Cape Town Instagram


They met with and had tours from national and city government officials, civic rights group members, community leaders, ex-gangsters, freedom fighters who were imprisoned, entrepreneurs, corporate representatives, architects, artists and researchers to understand their perspectives and contributions to overcoming current societal issues. 


“Every day, we were developing our skills through hands-on research and peer-review intensive assignments. Thanks to an excellent itinerary of research excursions and their sincere and energetic support, I believe every student’s writing, critical thinking, intercultural communication, and leadership skills very much benefitted.” – Patricia Abel, American HSC bachelor student

About the IEP: 

Since 2013, the IEP has mobilized working groups of students around the globe, from Sri Lanka to Rio de Janeiro, through this one month, accredited elective. The common thread to all these trips is the mission they hold; to broaden students' understanding of humanity and development through cross-cultural engagement and hands-on research.



Publication date: August 06, 2019