The International Consulting Program (ICP) developed by the prestigious Virginia Commonwealth University had its 7th successful year of cooperation with Anglo-American University this June 14-28, 2019. There were 2 groups of students (2 AAU students, 9 VCU students), and 2 clients - Unicef and Verlag Dashoefer.

“Our coursework was very intense and interactive. They taught us about each point in consulting. Every single day in class was crucial to making sure we had the best-polished version of our report and our presentation”. – claims Hassen Hafiz, ICP Prague 2019.

Anglo-American University's ICP, a special 3-credit course, teaches students how to conduct consulting engagements by providing both academic background through readings and classroom sessions and practice application through solving real issues submitted by our project partners. We are proud to be affiliated with such exclusive and international brands, and because they see the value in the input and ideas of ICP students, we have been able to continue regular cooperation over the past 7 years. The intensive, 14-day program is accompanied by socializing and networking events for the students, including but not limited to dinners and weekend tours.

This year 11 students, 2 from AAU and 9 from VCU, were paired together in mixed teams for the duration of the program. They worked closely with 4 professors including visiting Dean Ed Grier from VCU to complete the projects. This year there were two companies, Unicef and Verlag Dashoefer; both of whom proved to be very happy with the outcomes of the student presentations.

One of the main takeaways for students was learning how to work in a team and manage the time. AAU student Nicola Barina claimed: “Being a part of the ICP program will forever remain as one of my best experiences. I got to work with amazing, smart and talented people and at the same time try out working for a real company on a real case. It was a lot of work and it took some patience and effort to come up with a suitable solution for our client in such a short period of time, but I would not change a single second of the time spent. The timing, the case, and the people all worked out perfectly.”

Likewise, students saw a lot of value in the program. VCU student Patrick Dunegan was asked: “What is your most unforgettable experience in ICP?” Patrick answered: “The people that I met along the way. From the locals in Prague to the students on the trip with me, every person I got to share the experience with has a special place in my heart forever.”

All the hard work and presentation nerves aside the students performed tremendously well with the help of their advisors and feel that other students should get involved with ICP in the future if they have any interest in consulting or want to learn practical business skills.

Also Peter Bolcha, Director of the Prague ICP, has been very pleased with this year ́s program outcome: “I believe this has been another extraordinary year. All students showed high professionalism and hard work. Our traditional partner UNICEF rated the delivered result as most useful and ready-to-use in the history of cooperation. Next to students ́ input and effort, this was the result of leadership of partner representatives and professors Monique S Johnson and Chris Shallow. I would like to cordially thank to all participants and colleagues from both AAU and VCU, including VCU administrators Romana Bucur and Emily Fox! Special thanks go to our partners UNICEF and Verlag Dashofer. Without their support, the program would not be possible. We are already all excited about preparations of ICP 2020. As a celebration, we prepare exclusive scholarships for AAU students.”

To see a photo gallery of the 2019 ICP Program Final Presentations visit the official AAU Flickr page here:

Publication date: October 21, 2019