International Consulting Program (ICP) developed by the prestigious Virginia Commonwealth University had it’s 6th successful year of cooperation with Anglo-American University this June 15-29, 2018. 25 students from VCU and AAU worked together in a hands-on intensive consulting project where they were paired with 5 Prague-based client companies who provided real-world business cases.

“The best way to learn is to do it and this has definitely gotten me out of my comfort zone, I would for sure recommend this program to other students.” — Conor Musselwhite, an ICP participant.

Anglo-American University's ICP, a special 3-credit course, teaches students how to conduct consulting engagements by providing both academic background through readings and classroom sessions and practice application through solving real issues submitted by our project partners. We are proud to be affiliated with such exclusive and international brands, and because they see the value in the input and ideas of ICP students, we have been able to continue regular cooperation over the past 6 years. The intensive, 14-day program is accompanied by socializing and networking events for the students, including but not limited to dinners and weekend tours.

This year proved to be a success with the largest group of combined students so far. 25 students, 5 from AAU and 20 from VCU were paired together in mixed teams for the duration of the program. They worked closely with 4 professors including visiting Dean Ed Grier from VCU to complete the projects. All 5 clients this year were Prague based companies including: Sportisimo, UNICEF, Verlag Dashoefer, Andrea Klimko Architects and Educasoft; all of whom proved to be very happy with the outcomes of the student presentations.

One of the main takeaways for students was learning how to be clear and concise. VCU student Conor Musselwhite claimed: “The hardest aspect of the project was being able to narrow down our focus on such a wide topic, we had help from our advisors doing so but that was definitely difficult.” Fellow teammate Savannah Peters added: “Being able to articulate the main points because there was so much that went into it was a little tricky.”

Nevertheless Aliaksei Siparau, Logistics Directors at Sportisimo had this to say about the students work: “It was a very good presentation. I think it was focused on the topic: nothing boring or unnecessary and only important things were mentioned. They were efficient.” When asked what the value was to him he answered: “The value is that the students helped us with initial research so we can now based on their work go further and check more details and maybe try to implement some of these tools they have suggested, but we have a great starting point now and it's very helpful.”

Likewise students saw a lot of value in the program and some even feel they found a career path for the future. VCU student Jamie Vandommelen explained after finishing her presentation: “This program was really eye opening for me, I think it's important to be in the scenario and act like it’s as real as possible, because in the future we will actually have to be professionals. Going forward I think consulting would be a really cool line of work.”

All the hard work and presentation nerves aside the students performed tremendously well with the help of their advisors and feel that other students should get involved with ICP in the future if they have any interest in consulting or want to learn practical business skills.

Also Peter Bolcha, Director of the Prague ICP, has been very pleased with this year´s program outcome: „This has been an extraordinary year. All teams showed high professionalism and hard work. Next to students´ input and effort, this was a result of leadership of professors – Vida Williams, Jim Carney, Dan Fiala, Chris Shallow and extra attention of our distinguished guest Dean Ed Grier. I would like to cordially thank to all participants and colleagues from both AAU and VCU! Special thanks go to our long run partners UNICEF and Verlag Dashofer as well as to all other partners Educasoft, Sportisimo and Andrea Klimko Architects. Without their support, the program would not be possible.“

Conor Musselwhite had this to say in closing about ICP: “The best way to learn is to do it and this has definitely gotten me out of my comfort zone, I would for sure recommend this program to other students.”

To see a photo gallery of the 2018 ICP Program visit the official AAU Flickr page here:

Publication date: July 03, 2018