Starting this semester AAU students have the opportunity to fulfil their internship requirement with student magazine Lennon Wall for the first time.

“University Newsroom: Applied Journalism” is a project-based (and to some extent self-directed) internship with the main purpose to improve journalism skills through practical experience.

“The Newsroom Internship would be a great opportunity for students who are interested in journalism, photography, video-making, and even creative writing such as poetry or fiction to practice their skills and gain experience working in a newsroom.

The Lennon Wall team strives to provide our readers with not only quality reporting and honest portrayal of life on campus and Prague, but also with sharp reviews and opinion pieces on art, culture, even politics.”

– Chou Nguyen, Lennon Wall Editor-in-Chief

A minimum of 8 stories will be required to successfully complete the internship. These will vary in length, subject matter and category – news, opinion, features, arts and culture – to give the student the broadest possible experience in learning to report a variety of subject matter, writing to different lengths and working in different genres.

In addition, each intern is required to take on a supplementary job for LW, such as photography, production, promotion, etc. This will be determined based on the student’s skills and interests, and the needs of Lennon Wall.

Publication date: August 29, 2017