Anglo-American University and Norwich University invite you to participate at the international conference Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Rights held at Anglo-American University on March 7-8, 2019. The focus of the conference are Key Moments of the 20th Century and Their Legacy.









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*Program will be updated before the conference, please check this webpage regularly to see the most recent version. 

The conference will present inter-disciplinary papers and presentations from undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and experts. The theme of the conference will commemorate important 20th-century dates in human rights history with anniversaries in 2019 with a link to the Central European region. 

An important feature of this conference will be an emphasis on feedback and discussion, moderated by expert chairpersons in various sessions. The conference will aim at young scholars as well as student works – both in presentations and active discussions in special sessions.

The conference will include experiential learning for students in multiple ways. Special partner of the conference a Post Bellum will prepare exclusive documentary screening, exhibition and interactive screenings of memories of witnesses of the historical phenomena in question.

Another planned experiential events will be a Moot Court and Mock Truth Commission for students. The Moot Court will include external experts and will be open for conference attendants to become a part of the audience. In Mock Truth Commission participants will act as members of „The Committee on the Remembrance of Human Rights Violations“ and will hear the public testimony of real individuals who were subjected to a variety of human rights violations during the communist period in Czechoslovakia.

In conjunction with the whole event, participants will work directly with art students at Norwich University and AAU in order to create memorials to those who suffered human rights violations during communism.

Click the image below to watch a video from Conference Co-Founder Peter Jan Pajas. 



Keynote Speakers

Dr. Daniel Kroupa – philosopher, former dissident and signatory of Charter 77, politician and university educator

Kelly Adams-Smith – Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S Embassy in Prague 

Dr. Alexandr Vondra – politician and diplomat, former dissident and signatory of Charter 77 

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher – President of the International Society for Human Rights 

Other Selected Speakers 

Anglo-American University: Carollann Braum, Eva Eckert, Zuzana Fellegi, George Hays II., Lubomír Lízal,  Jiří Kašný, Nona Kubanychbek, Petr Jan Pajas, Milada Polišenská, Richard L. Smith, Hanna Ripper, Ksenia Sayfutdinova and more…

Norwich University: D’Shealyn Bullock, Rowland Brucken, Linn E. Caroleo, Michael McGinnis, Tom Lessard, Richard W. Schneider (video recording) and more…

Speakers from other institutions: Thomas K. Johnson, Belina Bedini, Patrick Vaughan, Arlinda Ymeraj, Joanna Katarzyna Ros, Přemysl Rosůlek and more…


History, Law, International Relations, Journalism, Religious Studies and Philosophy, Arts, Economics, Natural Sciences


  • Prof. Rowland Brucken, Norwich University
  • Peter Bolcha, Ph.D., Anglo-American University, Prague 


[email protected]


  • Dr. Carollann Braum, Anglo-American University, Prague
  • Prof. Rowland Brucken, Norwich University
  • Alex Anisin, Ph.D., Anglo-American University, Prague
  • Prof. Michael McGinnis, Norwich University

Students, academics and experts willing to present, please read our Call for papers.   

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Full conference fee for presenting participants is 100 EUR (CZK 2.500). Discounted rate for presenting students is 30 EUR (CZK 750).

Fee includes: Review process; Publication in conference proceedings (students in student version of proceedings); Thursday and Friday Lunch; Coffee and refreshments during both days; Prague Walking Tour; Free entry to all sections and panels

Non-presenting participants pay fee 20 EUR or 500 CZK; students 10 EUR or 250 CZK. Exceptions are guests (Students & Faculty) from Anglo-American University and Norwich University. Registration is needed for all Non-Presenting participants regardless of payment. 


Bank Transfer

Payment in CZK to account No. 1031009862/5500; please add note: ICHR NAME SURNAME

IBAN: CZ735500 0000 0010 3100 9862


Account name: Anglo-americká vysoká škola

Bank: Raiffeisen Bank

Payment – Credit Card

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Opening Ceremony (Thursday, March 7 2019 AM)
Czech National Bank
Senovážné náměstí 30
Prague, Czech Republic

All other sessions/events (Thursday, March 7 2019 PM and Friday, March 8 2019 all day, Saturday, March 9 2019 AM)

Anglo-American University
Letenská 5
Prague, Czech Republic