“How to survive AAU finals?” – this is the question you could hear in every corner of the university before the upcoming final exams.

There is no doubt that knowledge testing is an emotional and nervous process. However, exams could be survived more easily if students would follow “AAU three Ps rule”, which was based on relying on the most frequent answers to the question raised in this essay. The “AAU three Ps rule” includes: patience, preparation and people. Staying cold-minded is one third of the success at the test.

 “Patience is a conquering virtue.” – claimed Geoffrey Chaucer – an English poet and author, best known for The Canterbury Tales. Instead of assuring yourself that you will not pass the exam, try to believe that this is just another small challenge which is a part of your way to success. However, the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting is only a part of the exam’s preparation.

“Getting ready for finals is a boring and long process.” – many AAU students claim. Naturally, it can be true if people compare studying for the test as a punishment. Have you noticed how an ordinary sunny day transforms into a special; how several people outside crossing the street are viewed as the luckiest creatures in the world while you are sitting at home while drowning in study materials? If yes, you are not alone. Having breaks, proper sleep and tasty food are the essentials during the study process because staying healthy, relaxed and positive are the important elements of the preparation. Additionally, you do not have to study on your own.

It is vital to have the support from people while preparing for the exams. Some students perceive information faster and better while studying in groups with their peers. Moreover, sharing the knowledge with each other helps to understand missed parts of the course. Additionally, the AAU professors are able to provide with necessary information, answer the questions and explain particular concepts during the consultation hours (please check your syllabuses). More than that, do not forget that your relatives and family members are supporting you, even if they are 1,000 miles away. Usually parting words heard from loved ones motivate and set the mind up for success.

Now we hope that you got an answer to the question: “How to survive AAU finals?”. We believe that by following our recommendations and the “AAU Three Ps rules” you would achieve the necessary results and pass the exams with flying colors. 

Publication date: December 03, 2019