Of AAU’s international graduates, about half of them obtain their first work experience in the country of their alma mater.

Tied for the next most attractive countries for our graduates to start their careers in, each reported by 5% of recent alumni, are the USA and Kazakhstan. These are followed by Great Britain and other European countries. This data is based off a survey conducted in 2017.

According to AAU’s statistics, 16% of our graduates most commonly find employment in marketing roles, followed by project management (14%), and IT (13%). Other common industries include but are not limited to manufacturing and retail (12%), business departments (9%), finance (8%), consulting (8%) and finally tourism/hospitality (7%).

In terms of starting salaries, the largest group of last year’s graduates (32%) reported that their gross wages exceed 50,000 CZK per month. Next 20% of the young new professionals receive wages ranging from 25–30,000 CZK and are closely followed by similar-sized groups (13%) who receive 20–25,000 CZK and 30–40,000 CZK per month, respectively.


Publication date: July 09, 2018