We are happy to announce that applications for Erasmus and our other exchanges in academic year 2017/18 are now open. The application deadline for most destinations is 1 March 2017, though some universities have an early deadline on 20 February (please see the announcement for a full list).

Full details are on AAUnet in the International Exchanges/Erasmus” section (login necessary).

Some basic parameters:

  • The application deadline for most of the available exchanges is 1 March 2017, but please see the full announcement for special cases. 
  • Exchanges are open to all degree-seeking students at AAU on the condition that they have completed a minimum of 30 US (60 ECTS) credits before they go abroad, i.e. one year of studies, and have cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 (or higher) (see Section 2.10 of the current AAU Student Handbook).
  • Exchanges are organised on the basis of specific agreements with specific partner universities, which define how many students will be exchanged each year; whether the exchange is for Bachelors or Masters students (or both); and which subject area(s) are on offer. Not all exchanges are thus available to every student. Details are in the tables.
  • There are no restrictions on the nationality or citizenship of participating students; however, citizenship may subsequently affect visa requirements.

Publication date: February 01, 2017