On January 24, Dr. Pelin Ayan Musil was interviewed on the TV program of the Radio-Free Europe (Kyrgyz Broadcast Service) about Turkey's intervention in Syria.

In the interview, she talked about the meaning of the „secure zone“ that Turkey wants to build in its border and the general domestic support that Erdogan built for his leadership by launching this new military operation.

She further discussed the clashes between the Turkish and American approaches to „security threats“ in Syria: The two states cannot agree on whether the Kurdish militia represented by the YPG is a terrorist group or whether ISIS has been defeated.

In the interview, Dr. Musil mentioned this conflict may further deteriorate the relations between the two countries. Yet she also argued that each operation in Syria brings together new alliances, such as the current Russian-Turkish alliance, even though once they used to have conflicts about the future of the Assad regime.

Dr. Musil finally stated that the more the number of external interventions in Syria, the harder it would be to reach agreements over a divided territory. For more, please follow THIS LINK (in Kyrgyz).

Publication date: February 04, 2018