Štěpánka Veselá

SBA Assistant Dean Business Administration

Letenská 120/5, Malá Strana

Štěpánka was born in Prague and even though she loves to travel, the only time she left her beloved hometown for a long time is when she did an exchange program in the US during her high school studies. During this experience she realized how much she enjoys using the English language on daily basis, however, she also realized that she misses her hometown and that her future probably lies there.
After finishing high school, she joined an American online University where she fell in love with the educational environment. She completed her bachelor’s at the Czech University of Life Sciences studying a program focused on Education and Career Counselling.
After 4 years, she felt like it was time to move on and take on a new challenge which is why she joined AAU as a right hand to the Dean of SBA.