Mgr. Petra Pollakova

Executive Assistant to the President Office of the President

Letenská 5, 118 00, Prague 1

Petra is a world-explorer who spent the last 8 years of her life discovering the cultures of the most iconic Asian countries where she developed her passion for Ayurveda, martial arts, and yoga. Petra also spent a significant number of years in Australia where she studied ESL, and advanced her English language skills. With her academic background in law, she landed an executive assistant position in the Royal Australian Navy. For several years she contributed her organization and analytical skills to support high-ranking military personnel. Driven by her passion in law and extensive experience in the government sector, she pushed boundaries and broadened her knowledge of Australian Immigration Law.

Petra earned her Master’s degree in Law from the Pan-European University in Slovakia, and a Diploma of Business from Bridge Business College in Sydney, Australia.

Petra works at the Anglo-American University as an Executive Assistant to the President. She provides a wide range of high-level administrative support and assistance to the Office of the President as well as its representation both on the internal and external level. Her task is to organize events, coordinate all activities within the President’s Office and to liaise with other departments, including all staff and faculty at all levels. Petra also participates in arrangements of care for important foreign and local AAU partners.