Marvin Tador, LL.M., J.D.

Visiting Lecturer Law

Letenska 120/5, Prague 1


Marvin Tador is an adjunct lecturer at Anglo-American University. His teaching and writing focus on criminal law, international law, international criminal law, international economic law and international human rights law. He studied law at Charles University and Washburn Law School, and political science at the University of South Florida. He worked for the United States Army and the United States Congress.

Tador is a member of the American Society of International Law as well as the Czech Society of International Law. His specializations and publications can be seen below not including his most recent work in progress: Marvin Tador, Catch Them If You Can: Transnational Corporate Liability Litigation, 10 AA L. F. (forthcoming September 2021).

Courses Taught

Criminal Law

Specializations & Research Focus

  • International Criminal Law
  • International Economic Law
  • International Law & Technology
  • International Human Rights Law


  • Marvin Tador, Are Corporations Responsible for Human Rights Violations Under International Law? (Charles Univ. in Prague Faculty of Law Working Paper Grp., Paper No. 2021/II) (forthcoming 2021) (on file with author) (May 2021).
  • Marvin Tador, Is the United States Attacking Haiti? (Charles Univ. in Prague Faculty of Law Working Paper Grp., Paper No. 2020/II/5) (available at (June 2020).
  • Marvin Tador, Minority Note: Policing in America, 4 SECURITY THEORY AND Prac. 17 (2020) (available at (March 2021).