Gaëlle Vassogne, Ph.D.

Gaëlle Vassogne is an assistant professor of German Studies at the Université Stendhal in Grenoble, France, where she specializes in German history, business German and Jewish history in Central and Eastern Europe. She has taught at the Universität Heidelberg, the Université Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques. She studied German Studies at the Ecole Normale Supérieure and at the Université Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle and Business at H.E.C. In 2004, she received her Ph.D. from the Université Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle. She has published a monograph (“Max Brod und Prag: Identität und Vermittlung”, 2009, Tübingen) as well as several co-edited volumes, book chapters and articles.


German History, Habsburg History, Jewish History, Central European History, History of Nationalism