Diana Winklerová's exhibition "Chestnuts" will have its official opening on September 15, 7:00 pm, followed by a concert by the Basque band Lowriders (9:00 pm) with opening “Nutty Music” DJs Kaktus & Houba & Special Guests.


The water hollowed the stone,

The wind dispersed the water,

The stone stopped the wind.

Water and Wind and Stone.

Octavio Paz, A Draft of Shadows


And now what about the nut, which holds the seed, the origin of nature? How does the nut succumb to the elements, when left out of its natural place, or when mishandled by humans?

“Chestnuts Under The Trees” is an exhibit of sculptures by the Czech artist Diana Winklerová, created in 2012, and they were briefly placed in the piazzetta of Prague’s National Theater earlier this summer.   

However, despite the full-time security for this short-term exhibit, the chestnuts were severely damaged by vandals and by the extreme weather conditions earlier this season. Left in their unfortunate state of dissolution, can the seeds still be an emblem of resilience?   

One chestnut from the original series was also left unscathed, since it was not in the piazzetta. This single pristine nut is also part of the exhibit, but it won’t be left beneath the trees. This one is to be found within the Thurn-Taxis Palace, and you may locate it at your leisure.