DeAnna DeRosa, M.S., D.P.A.

Lecturer, School of Journalism, Media and Visual Arts

Dr. DeRosa spans the disciplines of: journalism, public relations, advertising, business communication, international communication, managerial communication, conflict resolution, media literacy and diversity. She was also a college newspaper adviser in two countries.

She strongly encourages participation from her class members. Discussions challenge ethics and critical thinking. All class members are expected to be aware of current events. She emphasizes negotiation and conflict resolution. Class members are taught to defuse situations while arriving at mutually productive solutions.

Dr. DeRosa is a strong believer in media literacy. Every class member is expected to recognize propaganda and “fake news” over the legitimate news media.

Dr. DeRosa has lived in Asia, North American and Europe. She welcomes and respects diversity in her classrooms. She does not shy away from debate as long as it is conducted in a respectful and professional manner.

As she believes and supports a strong campus community, she actively takes part in student events. She frequently says, “we all learn from one another.”

publications & other activities

  • “Gaps are Narrowing Between Male and Female Students”, Public Relations Review Spring 1989, pp. 80 – 90
  • Dissertation published 2007, “The News Values of Nonprofit Organizations: A Content Analysis of The San Jose Mercury News.”