In mid October, the Interim Dean of the School International Relations and Diplomacy, Daniela Lences Chalaniova, took part in an alternative arts project – The Stolen Gallery – which invites artists from all creative areas of life to share their work just for that one exhibition night. In Daniela’s case, she brought along a project called “…and what is Your view? …critical reading of media images”.

Even though Daniela is not an artist herself, she took the challenge head on, but rather than exhibiting images, she made the audience reactions the key element in the exhibition as it was their popular views on migration/refugees that were worth examining and exhibiting. The exhibition site itself simulated the conditions refugees had to face – cold nights in October, thus giving the participants “a real feel” for what it means to sleep outside without shelter. In the end, the stolen gallery turned into over two hours long dialogue in which both Daniela learned more about how people, artists even, view the world around them, as well as the audience got a new perspective on photography and its manipulations.

Publication date: December 18, 2015