Dear Class of 2018, you’re graduating from Anglo-American University and into a complicated world. The world of 2018 is fast-paced, full of new opportunities, as well as challenges.

It is the 23rd graduation ceremony in the history of our institution. 28 years ago, Mr. Jan Raichl and his mother established Anglo-American College, the first Czech institution providing professional education in English. In 1995, AAU celebrated its first cohort of 24 graduates. And today, it’s sending nearly 150 graduates into the world.

The world is becoming more and more complex due to the globalization of information, trade, economy and culture. It has also become more fragile due to climate change, growth of nationalism and xenophobia. We believe that we have given you the opportunity to become aware of these changes and that you have become those who shall help us improve the world and find solutions to those matters.

AAU itself is an impressive community of people from different nationalities. Lately, AAU has been designated by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT) as the most international institution of higher education in the Czech Republic. It celebrates diversity of cultures and religions to enrich your mind. It protects freedom of speech and expressions to cultivate your critical thinking. It exposes you to new ideas and peoples so that you will be prepared for the ever-changing world today.

I believe AAU students never fear challenges. They call for them. That you’re here today means AAU has accomplished its mission.

Dear graduates, please enjoy this important moment of your life. I wish you a very successful professional career and a happy life. I hope you will keep in touch with AAU and become a part of its dynamic alumni family.  

With sincere wishes of good luck,

Petr Pajas, MSc.

AAU President


Publication date: June 28, 2018