AAU’s Visual Art Studies lecturer Barbara Benish, is organizing a conference entitled “Civic Women” on July 29th, in Horažďovice, south Bohemia.

obrázek “Civic Women”, organized by AAU’s Visual Art Studies lecturer Barbara Benish, sets up a dialogue and invites intersections of working women in traditional, rural environments with a dozen international artists. This project is a seed to inspire women to take action that encourages civil society to flourish, while giving themselves a more powerful voice in the rural regions of the country and their local communities.  

The results of the project will be presented by both the artist and selected local women on the theme of civil society, art, and grass-roots political action. A symposium titled “Social Practice Arts & the Intersection of Rural Communities” will be presented on the outcomes, and will take place in conjunction with an annual music festival at Mirenice. Additionally, a catalogue will document the visual outcomes of the project, with essays and interviews by the invited artist/scholars and local women.

In a glance

  • Project: “Civic Women” – inspiring women to take action that encourages civil society to flourish

  • When: July 29th, 17:00 – 22:00

  • Where: ArtMill Barn, Červený mlýn, Miřenice 36, Horažďovice

  • All members of AAU community are invited.

About the organizer

Barbara Benish is Founding Director of Art Dialogue, a Czech NGO which produces exhibitions, workshops, and an artist-in-residency program at ArtMill , a center focusing on sustainable art in the Czech countryside.

Benish teaches two courses this Fall at AAU:

  • “Installation & Eco Art”: a studio art course

  • “Form, Art & the Environment”: a seminar partly-based on her co-edited book “Form, Art & the Environment—Engaging in Sustainability”.


Publication date: July 19, 2018