On December 12th, 2016, Anglo-American University's Board of Trustees held its annual Winter Session which was also the inaugural session of the new Board of Trustees of AAU as a registered institute. The meeting was also attended by AAU's Founders, members of the Supervisory Board, and members of AAU's top management.

The Board and Assoc. Prof. Alan Krautstengl, Ph.D., AAU's President since 2005, concluded an agreement on the termination of his Presidency in connection with bestowing upon Dr. Krautstengl the honorary title of AAU President Emeritus with the mandate to continue to serve the university in his new position by heading its North American operations, concentrating on cooperation with institutions of higher education, accreditation agencies, and other key subjects throughout the continent. This change shall come into effect as of January 1st, 2017. 

The Board of Trustees voted that Ing. Petr Jan Pajas shall assume the post of President for an interim period of time commencing January 1st, 2017. Mr. Pajas has been involved with AAU since 1998, having previously served both in upper management, as a Board of Trustees member and, most recently, as Chairman of the Board of AAU as a public benefit corporation.  

Doc. Ing. Jiří Schwarz, CSc. was voted into the position of Chairman of AAU's new Board of Trustees under AAU as a registered institute. Doc. Schwarz also serves as the Director of CETA (the Center for Economic and Market Analyses) and is the Founder of the Liberal Institute. 

The Board also voted to elect Ing. Andrej Barčák to the position of Vice-Chairman of the new Board of AAU as a registered institute. Mr. Barčák is an AAU alumnus and the longest serving member of AAU's Board of Trustees. He currently works as the Marketing & RND Director at Opel Southeast Europe LLC. 

Anglo-American University congratulates and expresses gratitude and appreciation to all of the gentlemen and wishes them all the best in their new positions.


Publication date: December 19, 2016