This week AAU Visual Arts lecturer Barbara Benish is having the 30th anniversary of an exhibition that she curated with Zdenka Gabalova in 1989 - Dialogue Praha/Los Angeles.

This year we celebrate the 30 year anniversary of our art exchange between the two countries through the lens of 15 American and 12 Czechoslovak artists, that was a cultural leap of faith and freedom that helped open doors and dialogue in the summers of 1989 and ‘90.

This exhibit in two parts brought a group of Czech artists to Los Angeles and an equal number of young American artists to Prague for an art exchange/dialogue before the Velvet Revolution. The Dox Archives will be showing documentation of this exhibit as „An Art Exchange and a Cultural Revolution“ curated by the Czech artist Jiri Hula. The exhibition of ArtDialog’s Archives includes photographs, audio, documents and correspondence leading up to the exhibition, interviews and much more.  

The Exhibition will open on November, 14th 2019 and will be on display at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Holešovice.

For more information on the exhibit click HERE. For more information on Lecturer, Barbara Benish click HERE.  

Publication date: November 12, 2019