AAU’s Career Expo 2017, coordinated by our Career Center, brought together representatives from organizations in the fields of business, journalism, humanities, and diplomacy to meet and give presentations/workshops to AAU students on campus.

On April 5th, AAU students had the chance to meet with representatives from 16 organizations including the European Values Think-Tank, UNICEF, Amazon, and DHL. Students had the opportunity to introduce themselves, ask questions, and hand their CVs to potential employers.

Ten organizations gave presentations and workshops, attracting students in large numbers. People in Need captivated the students as the NGO illustrated trends and issues in the humanitarian sector through short movies about Syria, Ukraine, and Nepal. UNICEF attracted a full room as it presented volunteering opportunities in the Czech Republic and globally. RFE/RL engaged attendants in the Poisoned Truth, a documentary about how hundreds of people in Kazakhstan were relocated due to mass fainting incidents, allegedly caused by pollution. Students also received CV consulting from Good Call and developed interviewing skills with ExxonMobil. This helped to inspire and enlighten students about their employment prospects after graduation.  

On April 6th, RFE/RL returned with a workshop about responsible journalism on social media, while AAU lecturers and students gave presentations based on real-life experiences. AAU Senior Lecturer Mark Wiedorn offered guidelines on how to manage digital profiles. Professor David Langwallner gave civic advice for lawyers in his seminar. AAU Student Pavel Aleabov from Southwestern Advantage explained how a company can improve its structure based on the concept of Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus.

The Career Expo 2017 created a platform for AAU students to interact with companies openly and efficiently. By equipping themselves with knowledge about the organizations and networking with their representatives, students built their confidence and relevant soft skills needed for future employment.


Here is the complete list of the Career Expo 2017 participants:


DHL IT Sevice

EMAA International s.r.o

European Values Think-Tank


Good Call

Institute of International Relations


People in Need



Southwestern Advantage




Smaller Earth



Publication date: April 13, 2017