This is our way of saying “Welcome to Prague, and welcome to AAU!”

At AAU, your academic excellence is not the only thing we care about; we also want you to enjoy the beauty and culture of Prague and the excitement that university life has to offer you. That’s why we’ve set up the AAU Buddy Program, a group of experienced AAU students who have volunteered to assist new students in adapting to both Prague and university life so they can make the most out of their new life chapter.

We know it can be tough transitioning into a new environment and figuring out your university routine, and our AAU mentors are here to help you do just that.


obrázekSaveliy Rylkov
Hello, my name is Saveliy! I'm a second-year bachelor’s from Russia studying marketing and communications. I'm a highly talkative and open minded person who is interested in psychology. I enjoy having a great time with friends and with my mentees. I would be happy to share with you my experience not only of studying at AAU, but also of being part of the magnificent city of Prague. I’m happy to share all my knowledge about the university, the city, visas, and other questions related to your stay in Prague as an AAU student.
Contact: [email protected], Facebook – Saveliy Rylkov, Vkontakte – Савелий Рыльков

obrázek Venera Zhakhyan
Hello, my name is Venera and I am a second year BA student at AAU’s School of Business Administration. I am Armenian but I was born and raised in Moscow. Some of my hobbies are playing tennis, traveling, and watching movies. Feel free to contact me in case you have any questions related to studying and student life at AAU. I am always glad to help.
Contact: [email protected]Facebook


obrázekValeriia Novitskaia

Hello there! My name is Valeriia Novitskaia, I have been living in the Czech Republic for 3 years and now I am a second-year student of Business Administration.  I speak 3 languages, Russian, English and Spanish, so I would be happy to talk with you in any language. During high school, I moved countries very quickly so I am able to help you with learning Prague and adjusting to the new culture. Also, thanks to my time living in a boarding school I amfeel that I'm able to solve problems quickly and easily understand people. My hobbies include traveling, reading books and just exploring life! If you have any questions or need help with anything, please contact me. Welcome to AAU!

Contact[email protected]  Facebook

obrázek Lubomir Scasny
Hi, my name is Lubomir. I am a business major at AAU starting my second semester. When I'm not at school I enjoy sports, photography, and filmmaking. Being born and raised in Slovakia, just a 4-hour train ride from Prague, I'm the perfect candidate if you need help with translations or exploring parts of the city where a Czech speaking person may be needed. As a transfer student, I myself have traveled a lot and attended various schools, so I understand that orientations, meeting new people and getting used to new places is always a difficult task, but with my experience and the help of other mentors I’m positive anyone can feel at home in no time. Feel free to contact me if you need help with any school or non-school related issues.
Contact[email protected]

obrázek Janel Umarbaeva 
Hello, my name is Janel and I am from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. I am a third year Journalism and Communications student here at AAU. I’ve been loving my student life and studies at AAU from the very first day. And so I have decided to become a mentor to help you adjust in Prague and at AAU so that you guys can enjoy your student life just like I do. I am fluent in Russian, English and Kazakh/Kyrgyz languages, I am a very talkative and positive person. I honestly like basic things: music, movies, and books; and I also LOVE to hang out with my friends and learn new things. So if you need my help or just want to grab a lunch together, do not hesitate to contact me via my Facebook page or through my Instagram @janel.xiii "
Contactjanel.umar[email protected]

obrázek Samantha Emily Barriga

Hello, I am Sam! I am a third-year bachelor student from California studying at AAU’s School of Business Administration. My roots are Mexican so coming to such a diverse university has made my study experience all the more exciting. Moving to Prague required adjusting and some tedious visa work. Because of this, I would like to offer a hand to other students and help make the transition into a new country as smooth and effortless as possible. Not only that, I would gladly show anyone around the city and check out some fun spots. My hobbies include eating, going to parks, traveling, and hanging out with my friends. Feel free to contact me!

Contact: [email protected]

obrázek Hanna Ripper

Hi there! My name is Hanna Ripper and I am in my final year of the Bachelor of Laws program. I’m a US military brat and grew up moving all around the world before I finally found my home in Prague. I’m pretty basic so my hobbies include cooking and baking, reading, listening to and playing music, traveling, and meeting new people! If you have any questions at all about the university, life in Prague, life in general, or if you just need a friend – feel free to write me via email, Facebook, Instagram (@miss_tootsiepop), or just come find me at uni! Welcome to AAU!

Contact: [email protected]

obrázek Diana Izmaylova

Hello, my name is Diana and I am from Uzbekistan! I’m a second-year student studying International Relations at AAU. I’m a highly responsible and open-minded person who’s always here for you to help and support you. I understand the importance of having an experienced person’s guidance and advice so I would be happy to help you with all the issues you may have in the beginning. As for me, I love reading, hanging out with my friends, travelling, and exploring something new in this big world. So, if you have any questions regarding life in Prague, student routine or just feel lonely – you can always contact me.

Contact: [email protected]

obrázek Kateryna Butskhrikidze

Hey everyone, my name is Kateryna and I am originally from Kyiv, Ukraine. I am studying for a Master’s degree at the School of International Relations and Diplomacy. I know that entering a new school may stress everyone out, especially when you are far from your homeland, so I'm here to help you to integrate into the AAU community and Prague life as easy as possible. I am an outgoing, open-minded and curious person, so I enjoy studying in such an internationally diverse environment that we have here in Anglo-American University and meeting people from all over the world. If you have any questions regarding student life in Prague do not hesitate to contact me!

Contact: [email protected]

obrázek Rumbidzai Stephanie Hodzonge

Hey, my name is Rumbidzai Stephanie Hodzonge but everyone calls me Rumbi. I'm a second year law student at AAU from Zimbabwe. I moved to Prague in September 2018 and I believe I'm well acquainted with this beautiful city. I enjoy eating, shopping and meeting new people so I'll definitely be up to taking you around to the best malls. Settling down in a new city or country can be difficult especially as a student and my job is to make the transition as smooth and comfortable as possible. If you need an help in this regard do feel free to contact me. 

Contact: [email protected], Facebook: Rumbi Hodzonge

obrázek Anel Burshakbayeva

Hi, Hola, Bonjour, Салем, Ahoj, Привет or whatever language you speak! My name is Anel and I am from Almaty, but feel free to call me Nel as my friends do. No matter how cliche that sounds, AAU is my second home. I am a third-year Business student, a full-time worker at the reception (can help with ISICs, printing, timetables, classrooms, NEO portal, etc.) and an active participant in all the events organized by our school (parties, balls, and ceremonies). I am fluent in English, Russian, Kazakh, learning Spanish and Czech languages. My passion is traveling – I've visited up to 35 cities in 15 countries. I know quite a lot about Prague, so please do not hesitate to ask me for any recommendations where to eat, to go out, the best places to read a favorite book or listen to music. I will do my best to be as helpful as possible! Welcome to one of the best private universities in Prague, my friend! 

Contact: [email protected], Facebook – Anel Burshakbayeva (Nel), Instagram – nn_elle_

obrázek Valeriia Anfinogenova

Hi, I’m Val and I’m a second year Journalism student. I’m pretty basic because I was born and raised in Russia. As my hobbies include traveling around the world and meeting new friends, I can say that I’m pretty open-minded and friendly person. I’ll be happy to help with any upcoming questions during your transition to a new step of your life, because I know how important it is to have someone by your side just in case Just contact me via email or Facebook (Val Anfinogenova) and I’ll be there for you!

Contact: [email protected] 

obrázek Kateřina Stehlíková

Hey, my name is Kat and I’m a second year AAU student majoring in Visual Arts. I’m originally from Czech but I went to high school in the United States so I know how difficult it can be to navigate through a totally new system. I’m more than happy to help with anything you need, especially if it involves coffee, food, or shopping. Since I’m fluent in czech I’m a great resource for dealing with paperwork/contracts or any situation requiring a czech speaker. I’m the perfect person to grab coffee with and just talk about absolutely anything and everything.

Contact: [email protected]

obrázek Kimberly Muguta

Hey! I am Kimberly Muguta and I am in my second year at AAU studying Law. I am from Zimbabwe but I live in Mozambique so I speak a little Portuguese. I am very open-minded and ready to learn from anyone from different cultures and backgrounds. I enjoy socializing and eating of course, so I will definitely will be of great help concerning the great restaurants and different cuisines in Prague. I love reading, as I said above I'm open-minded, so what other way to learn than expand your knowledge through reading! I moved to Czech Republic a year ago and would be happy to help with anything pertaining to AAU, the student life and adjusting to your student life. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me, its a pleasure to help.

Contact: [email protected]

obrázek Paola Victoria Toledo

Hello! My name is Victoria, I am in my third year at AAU studying International Relations. I am from México and have lived abroad many times! These experiences have made me very familiar with things such as cultural shock and visa appointments. Keen to help you with anything and to clarify any concerns! I love outdoor activities, sports, traveling and reading. Feel free to contact me! @victoria_toledo, or by email!

Contact: [email protected]

Mateja Zherajikj

Hello, my name is Mateja Zherajikj, I was born in Skopje, Macedonia, however, raised in Vienna, Austria. I am a second year student at Anglo American University studying International Relations. I have traveled around since I was a kid and I know the feeling of feeling lost the first couple of months in a new country, so I am more than honored to help new students with any help they need. I am familiar with the city, restaurants, and many other important things such as finding apartments, visas, and health insurance. I am more than happy to share my experience and make the new student feel like home. Contact: [email protected]

Arnaud Dequeker

Hey there! My name is Arnaud, I’m from Belgium and I’m really passionate about traveling and more than anything else, studying International Relations. If you are a freshman or an exchange student and have any questions about what studying abroad is like or general questions about the AAU community or School of International Relations & Diplomacy, feel free to send me an email.

Contact: [email protected]

Maïa Larose Saldana

Hello! My name is Maia Larose Saldana and I am studying international relations. I am French, but have moved around quite a bit throughout my life so I understand many of the struggles of acclimating to a new place. I love to cook, draw, explore, or honestly just sit and drink tea. If you have any questions or would just like someone to spend a fun moment with (or both) please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Contact: [email protected]