After a formal nomination and review process AAU Alumna Katherine Deduhk was invited to participate in a select panel of thriving Alumni at the annual Czeducon conference focused on higher education in the Czech Republic.

Originally from Estonia, Katherine graduated from AAU’s School of Journalism in 2014 and is now the Founder & CEO of digital marketing and software development agency, TechReach in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Her take on why being an international student in Prague has positively impacted her career, „I really valued my education at AAU because I would never have gotten that kind of environment anywhere else, for example sitting and talking about Arab Spring with students from Syria who have actually been in that situation- you're getting first-hand information and not just one view of it from the book. That kind of environment is not so typical in other places. Prague is really special because it doesn't only attract one type of person, it attracts an interesting collection of people and a lot of different nationalities which I got to know very well during my time studying at AAU. I have found this experience really valuable as I continue on with my career and higher education.“


Panel participants included: 

  • Munachiso Ndukwe, Nigeria LFHK UK graduate, University Hospital obstetrician in HK 

  • Thavry Thon, Cambodia FIM UHK graduate, an internationally recognized writer 

  • Katherine Deduhk, Estonia AAU graduate, CEO of Tech Reach in Portugal (pictured second from the right)

  • Fiona Ziegler, Switzerland FAMU graduate, MEYS scholarship holder, director

obrázek Katherine is now pursuing her 3rd degree, a Master's in Psychology at Arden University and launching a new app, Ruenta aimed to resolve micro-mobility issues with bike and scooter sharing apps worldwide. 

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Publication date: November 07, 2019