Alena Foustková, AAU lecturer for courses in Visual Art Studies and Media & Marketing, is part of the Danube Art Lab, an International Art Project in Regensburg, Germany, which opened July 27th.

Foustková’s contribution to the exhibit among eleven other artists from countries along the river Danube selected by international jury is an interactive installation in the city of Regensburg, Germany, entitled “The Cell: Sound of Silence”. It is accompanied by an exhibition of sketches at Städtische Galerie im Leeren Beutel.

About the installation

obrázek AAU Professor Alena Foustková focuses on the people of the monasteries of the World Heritage city of Regensburg. Religious groups such as the Order of Saint Benedict, the Carmelites, the Conventual Franciscans, as well as the Dominican Sisters, the School Sisters of Notre Dame, and the Congregation of Jesus have all left their traces on the city in the past – and some continue to do so even today.

She reveals a central aspect of monastic life, one that has largely gone unnoticed amidst the urban bluster of the twentyfirst century. She translates the silence of the monastic cell into the present. She says, “the ‘sound of silence’ is a very wise expression coined by the medievalist Julie Kerr in her book ‘Life in the Medieval Cloister’, in order to describe the sounds and noises religious men and women heard in the cloisters of silence, such as the sound of bells ringing throughout the day, the music emanating from the church, the sounds of birds and running water.

In this sense, the cloister of silence was still viewed as the necessary environment for meditation and reflection, despite the various noises that could be heard within.” In order to create an interactive place of contemobrázekplation, she used transparent polycarbonate for a reconstruction of a monastic cell, the dimensions of which correspond to the socalled Modulor, the proportional system of Le Corbusier. 

Those who enter the cell are cut off from the outside world, and the only way of perceiving sound is through one’s imagination, stimulated by inscriptions on the transparent walls, such as “bell”, “horn”, or “shout”. One associates acoustic impulses without actually being exposed to them. In the exhibition in the Städtische Galerie im Leeren Beutel, Foustková reveals her sketchbook to offer insights into other projects she has developed, and also displays a detail drawing of her installation.

In a glance

  • Project: The Cell: Sound of Silence
  • When: July 28th to October 14th, 2018
  • Where: Danube Art Lab
  • All members of AAU community are invited 


Publication date: July 30, 2018