As a global and inclusive educational hub, Anglo-American University prepares learners for success by cultivating critical thinking, effective communication and responsible action through personalized and transformative learning.


Anglo-American University’s vision is to be a leading hub for learning; connecting study programs, real-world experience and research.


  • Academic excellence: Conduct quality programs based on the innovative strategies and practical skills of a qualified and diverse faculty. 
  • Personal attention to learners – (students and professionals): Instruct in small, dynamic groups using real-world experience with seminar- and project-based education strategies to identify and satisfy individual learner needs, support their constant growth and development, and contribute to their personal success.
  • Diversity, Inclusivity and Multiculturalism: Cultivate a multicultural campus environment; encourage diversity of the student body, faculty, and staff; and treat each person with dignity and respect.
  • Flexibility and Critical Thinking: Promote open discussion and original thought from students, faculty, partner businesses and institutions to empower innovative approaches and increase flexibility to address new challenges.
  • Social Consciousness: Foster an ethos of social responsibility through operating affordable education with a professional administration; employing qualified faculty, quality staff and as a not for profit organization continually invest in the betterment of our community and educational models.