Anglo-American University, as a European and Czech university accredited by the American WASC Senior College and University Commission, and as a university sharing a region and history in common with the Central European University, supports and shares very much CEU’s dedication to academic independence.

It is our belief that any actors who restrict and unduly influence the vital academic, social and civic functions provided by an educational institution of CEU’s rank, do exponential harm not only to themselves but also to the broader society, depriving it of the benefits provided by such an institution of higher learning. 

To see such restrictive efforts return a generation after our long-desired freedoms had been finally won, is not only chilling but thoroughly bewildering. The Central European University and all similar institutions are a beacon to the world of what our region and the international academic community can be.

The Anglo-American University therefore condemns the steps taken by the Hungarian government aiming to restrict Central European University’s independence and its very functioning.

AAU stands with CEU.


Petr Jan Pajas, Msc.


prof. PhDr. Milada Polišenská, CSc.


Katarína Stehlíková, Ph.D.

Vice President & Accreditation Liaison Officer

David Lipka, Ph.D.

Vice-Provost for Student Affairs

Ing. Miroslav Svoboda, Ph.D.

Dean, School of Business Administration

Mgr. Daniela Lenčéš Chalániová, Ph.D.

Dean of the School of International Relations & Diplomacy

Tony Ozuna, M.A.

Associate Dean and Lecturer, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, School of Journalism

Jennifer Fallon, J.D.

Associate Dean, John H. Carey II School of Law

George Hays II., Ph.D.

President of the Faculty Senate


Publication date: April 05, 2017