We hope you enjoyed the events organized by the Student Life Office and the Student Council!

Find the AAU Spirit Medallion, October 30th 

Congratulations to Anel Burshakbayeva for finding the AAU Spirit Medallion.
More info about where it was hidden and the clues that were released can be found here.

Bake Sale, Monday, November 6th

The first day of Spirit Week proper opened with a charity bake sale. Proceeds from the sale were collected and given to the NGO Vteřina poté. Inspired by his own time growing up in a children’s home, Vteřina poté was established by 29 year old AAU alumnus Michal Ďorď and his friends. The NGO aims to raise the standards for the quality of care for vulnerable children living in institutions as well as to persuade the government to focus more on prevention of institutionalization.

You can find out more about Vteřina poté on their website: http://www.vterinapote.cz/

In total we raised 5,656 CZK!

Bowling Night, Tuesday, November 7th

Strike! Tuesday night, AAU went to Dejvická Bowling & Billiard for bowling night – pizza for all the players included. We had a mix of degree seeking and study abroad students filling up the teams. The winning team was the same team who won last year, and will be awarded AAU hoodies!

1st place (Average score per player: 95,2)

(Darkhan Majanov, Almerden Maksat, Zholdoshbek Nogoev, Dmitrii Shpakov, Nurbek Matkarimov)

2nd place (Average score per player: 77)

(Margarita Orlova, Vittoria Bellia, Logan Silverberg, Eva Brusko, Allain Williams, Simone Bertolone)

3rd place (Average score per player: 70,25) 

(Jonathan Eduard Lim, Chaeyeon Ha, Rebeka Tomaduz, Yi Chen Chang)

4th place (Average score per player:  64,5)

(Jenny Ciku, Vlad Lyssenko, Lucie Soudkova, Karen Kanazawa, Gabriela Leová, Steven Wilson, Anna Zhadan, Valeriia Novitskaia)

5th place (Average score per player:  59)

(Ana Aleksashova, Anastasiya Kaliasniova, Justyna Julia Hinz, Sydney Greer)

6th place (Average score per player: 55)

(Marta Zegarek, VolandouGronowski, Taïna De Mendonca, Henriet Graafland, Nathan Nescher Peeters)

Karaoke Night, Wednesday, November 8th

La Loca bar – Wednesday night, we had the whole balcony area to ourselves. Although not a competition, a group of students gathered to sing a few songs and represent AAU. Withagoodsnacksincluded(mini schnitzels, hummus, olives, nachos), it was a blast! Students came together for a night of dancing, cheering, and supporting each other and the other singers as well. They even made Student Life Specialist Iveta Moravkova sing with them in a rendition of Dancing Queen by ABBA!

Movie Night, Thursday, November 9th

Who you gonna call? Amid drinks and lots of movie snacks, AAU got into the spirit of things with a screening of the original Ghostbusters from 1984 in the AAU Library.

International Food Day, Friday, November 10th

On Friday, we celebrated one of the things that makes AAU really special: it’s incredible diversity! From our student body, volunteers came forward to represent their countries in an experience of international culture and cuisine! Now we're excited to announce the winners for the most popular foods showcased at the Spirit Week International Food Day. Winners will receive AAU t-shirts and a coupon for the Nový Smíchov shopping centre.

1st place: South Korea

2nd place: Israel + USA , tied

3rd place: Russia

Countries participated:

  1. Israel

  2. Mexico

  3. Russia

  4. South Korea

  5. United States

  6. Vietnam

Congratulations to our winners, and a big thank you to everyone who participated and cooked, you made this day of diverse food and culture possible!

Homecoming Party, Friday, November 10th

On Friday evening, our favorite coffee spot on campus, Café Des Taxis, hosted the Homecoming Party to close out Spirit Week for the year. Winners of the week’s competitions were announced amidst the party’s music and students’ chatter. The party featured special deals on drinks provided by the friendly cafe staff.


Publication date: November 14, 2017