AAU is the first of Czech Universities to head back to class and AAU students can expect some new changes to accompany the new school year.

The school year, set by the Ministry of Education, officially commences on September 3rd, meaning most local universities will not open their campus doors before September or October, but Anglo-American University (AAU) opens its classrooms on Friday, August 31. Approximately 500 MBA, law, international relations, humanities, and journalism students are the first in the Czech Republic to eagerly dive into their studies.

AAU has adopted this trend emanating from the traditional schedule of American universities, making it the early bird in comparison to many of its European counterparts. Some of the leading European universities are starting in the first week of September (Erasmus University Rotterdam), others rather during the second half of September (Sorbonne University) or in early October (University of Oxford), the Bologna University even launches their semester on November 1.

What does the new academic year have in store for AAU? First and foremost a fresh group of students will become the newest additions to the ever-diversifying AAU community. The admissions reports are positive and AAU expects their freshmen class to grow by 20% from the previous year. Late intake students will be welcomed to campus on September 27th for an orientation and will be enrolled amongst their fellow classmates following that.

Although classes are beginning most new students will not arrive to campus for the first time today. Every semester AAU prepares orientation days for their new students during which they are familiarized with university life, Prague and have a chance to meet the AAU staff and fellow new students. Activities include info sessions, icebreakers, lectures on culture and living abroad as well as a tour of AAU’s facilities and services.

Another major change in the upcoming school year is AAU’s new President, Doc. Ing. Lubomír Lízal, Ph.D. who officially took over for President Emeritus Peter Jan Pajas, MSc. on August 1, 2018. There will be a formal inauguration for President Lízal, open to the entire AAU community and its partners on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 from 2:30–3:30 PM in the AAU Courtyard. Lízal is an economist who served as a member of the Bank Board of the Czech National Bank. In the past, he worked at the Institute of Economics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and at CERGE of Charles University, where he was the director for both institutions. He also has previous experience in international education working at foreign universities in the Netherlands and the USA.

Toward the end of September AAU will also welcome some fresh faces to the Student Council. The Student Council is an autonomous body within AAU which represents students’ interests in developing strategy, policies, and programs for the university. Student Council elections are open to degree-seeking and study abroad students and will be held in the second half of September. Interested students have until September 14th to register to run.


Some other noticeable changes include an update to the classroom furniture and the offerings at the school café. Café Des Taxis manager, Kieran Mulhall has decided to adjust the offerings at the café to include a higher quality, local brand, La Boheme. The change will add a noticeable improvement to the cafe’s espresso and provide a much-awaited update to their coffee menu. They have additional plans to expand their hot food menu as well. Additionally, students will find the classrooms to be a bit bigger and more comfortable as many rooms have been refurbished to provide new furniture and a more spacious learning environment.

Publication date: August 31, 2018