Conceptual artist, photographer, art historian, curator, and pedagogue. PhDr. Jaroslav Anděl, adjunct distinguished senior lecturer, at the Anglo-American University (AAU) School of Humanities & Social Sciences has a varied and exquisitely distinguished career at the intersection of visual art and pedagogy.

He served as director of the National Gallery in Prague's Museum of Modern Art and from 2008 to 20154 was Artistic Director of DOX, Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague. He teaches interdisciplinary seminars for Visual Art Studies and Humanities at AAU.

Anděl has edited such works as, Czech Modernism 1900–1945 and authored Avant-Garde Page Design 1900–1950 and other books on 20th century art.

In January 2017, Anděl guest curated The Child as Teacher: Art and Radical Pedagogy, a group exhibition that focused on the relationship between art and radical pedagogy

and was inspired by the conviction expressed by Jean Piaget that “only education is capable of saving our societies from possible collapse whether violent or gradual.” The exhibition brought together an international group of artists who ask radical questions about the nature and significance of education in contemporary society.

A year later, in January 2018 and running through to March 17, 2018, Anděl opened the exhibition Back to the Sandbox: Art and Radical Pedagogy.  Here, ideas about democracy, creativity, and transdisicplinarity are examined along with ideas of freedom and equality and the institutional heritage of discipline and control with the aim of not only drawing attention to the vital role of education and to the challenges of reform, but also to introduce new perspectives on learning and creativity with potential new educational models in mind. Anděl also introduced a summit on the topic at the Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington, USA. Renowned artist Luis Camnitzer gave a keynote address on the pedagogy of art. Visual, dance and theater artists engaged the audience in the creative approaches they use in their education-oriented art projects.

Not content to rest however, Anděl is also organizing a series of online round tables framed by the question „What education do we need?“ for the global platform which will run throughout this year. The first round table will be launched in March, focusing on education and democracy. Anděl is also organizing a roundtable discussion on the same question, „What education do we need?“ for the European Parliament in Brussels.

Publication date: March 12, 2018